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Welcome to the Math Assistant Homepage!

Math Assistant is a software designed to carry out a number of routine tasks in mathematics. It is ended for low-end use and features easy navigation and quick results. It contains a number of simple modules listed below:

This program is basically a compilation of a number of small modules that I had programmed out of general curiosity and interest. I am particularly interested in computations, number theory and currently in the application of computer science to the solution of problems.
-Karthik Raman



#1> Ranked 3rd among downloads in the Math Section of for the week ending July 31, 2000.

#2> Rated as popular in c|net in the Math Section – LINK. Math Assistant clocked 2529 downloads in c|net between June 27, 2002 & June 27, 2003.

#3> Your Math Assistant freeware was selected to appear in a monthly CD-ROM (Aug/Sep  2002) publication published by Software 2010.

About Software 2010: "Software 2010 is a company based in Carlsbad, CA. The CD-ROM is distributed every four weeks to approximately 12,000 subscribers, the majority of whom are not connected to the Internet. Our CD-ROM service gives them access to the best shareware and demos that they are not able to download themselves. Most of our subscribers are in the United Kingdom and Australia, and a few are in the United States."